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Ess_Oil     Biblical Essential Oils, As knowing during Biblical times, essential oils were used to support and actively encourage Health and Healing of body, soul and spirit.
     In the early day of God's creation were starting using Oils were a part of everyday life for people of Israel and other part of the world. It can be a part of ours today...

     Researching would tell us about Essential Oils are mentioned throughout the Old & New Testament:
  - Myrrh is mentioned 156 times!
  - Frankincense 81 times!
  - Ps 45:7-8  Prov 27:9  Isa 61:3  Heb 1:9  "The Oil of Joy" and "Gladness" and "Rejoice the Heart"

There are 14 kind of Oils have been mentioned in the Bible:

1.  Myrrh: During and after pregnancy, skin conditions, antiseptic, immune support.
2.  Frankincense:  Spiritual focus, relieve of the symptoms of a disease or condition from head to toe.
3.  Calamus (cane):  respiratory supoort, soothes inflammation.
4.  Cedarwood:  Skin disorders, bronchitis.
5.  Cinnamon:  Antifungal, antimicrobial, antibacterial, anti-parisitic.
6.  Cassia:  Immune system builder.
7.  Galbanum:  Asthma, acne, wounds, abscesses.
8.  Onycha:  Dermatitis, Bronchitis, and sinusitis.
9.  Spikenard:  Allegies, migraine, cardiovascular support, scare tissue.
10.  Hyssop:  Spiritual cleansing, detoxifying.
11.  Sandalwood/ Aloes:  Skin care, enhances deep sleep.
12.  Myrtie:  Thyroid and general hormone balancer, soothes respiratory system.
13.  Cypress:  Supports cardiovascular system, menopause.
14.  Rose of Sharon:  Antiseptic, immune onhancing, neurotonic.

        If you are interested to know about Biblical Essential Oil, let us know to help you then you would have your own Health and healing experience according the Bible.

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